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Invitation Set.

The project brief guiding “Parts & Appendages: Questioning the Ephemeral Human Form” was to create an invitation, reply card, thank-you card, and envelope series for a specific event of the designer’s choice. My personal goal was to find a balance between clean and experimental design, and therefore came up with a Met Gala theme for which to base the deliverables on. While conducting research on past themes, it was noted that many had colons, and were nebulous and obscure. After plenty of brainstorming, the theme was decided on: “Parts and Appendages: Questioning the Ephemeral Human Form”. In other words, "body parts". Subtle typographic choices were made, such as small caps, rules, serif typefaces, and ample white space. The event is famously bourgeoisie, upscale, and unorthodox, and the stationery had to reflect just that. 

freckled arms.png
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