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Radical Revamps is an online small business started by two sisters with a passion for sewing. They turn fabric scraps that would have been wasted into meaningful, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Lifestyle photography was developed for assets and social media. To further develop the branding, these photos were printed and turned into collages. Multiple deliverables were then developed around the curated aesthetic to promote the brand. 


  • MISSION: Radical Revamps' mission is to empower individuals to express themselves through upcycled, one-off products.

  • VALUES: Above all, Radical Revamps values self-expression, inclusion, sustainability, and originality.

  • VISION: Radical Revamps seeks to be the go-to brand for people who value environmental consciousness and unique style. They strive to be the better alternative to fast fashion.


Project Objectives

  • Change the existing logo so that it better suits the brand identity. Find a legible display typeface that does not conflict with the logo font.

  • Focus on a minimal layout for the brand guidelines. 

  • Previous lifestyle photoshoots were successful and captured the brand. An objective for this rebrand was to take more photos that fit the existing theme.

  • Feedback around previous branding was that the existing logo/identity gets lost in the photography, so other components of branding needed to be strengthened. 


Personal Goals

  • Revisit traditional techniques combined with digital mediums to create original pieces that not only serve to advertise, but also have artistic merit.


Tools & Software 

  • Photography 

  • Collage

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator 

  • After Effects 



  • Expressive copy

  • New logo

  • Website

  • Brand guidelines

  • Business card

  • Post-purchase flyer

  • Social media promotional material


Target Market Research

  • DEMOGRAPHICS: teens to young adults (16-25), female/non-binary, high school/college students, or young professionals who are just starting their careers. They have some financial stability, but are likely budget-conscious.

  • GEOGRAPHICS: global (online store). Customers are likely living in an urban or suburban area in a college town or near a city.

  • PSYCHOGRAPHICS: values originality, creativity, and authenticity. Artistic, small-business oriented, fashion-forward, trailblazer, trendsetter. Actively seeks brands that align with their values by being ethical and green. Seeks new experiences, travels and explores. Strives to lessen their footprint as much as possible and supports brands that do the same.

  • BEHAVIOURS: Social and enjoys meeting new people, but also spends time alone engaging in their artistic pursuits. Avid thrifter. Spends a lot of time on social media. Opens their wallet if there are associations with a product being “local”, “handmade”, “ecofriendly”, or “personalized”.


Brainstorming and development

The wordmark is a collage of various serif typefaces such as Adonis, Playfair, and Didot. Each letter was carefully crafted by mixing and matching serifs and stroke weights in

order to create a truly original, cohesive mark. Using various typefaces applies to Radical Revamps because the brand also takes materials from different sources to create

new products. The serifs allowed for more creative expression, and room for organic elements to be integrated. The thread that connects the R to the needle to the A, for

instance, flows in and out of the shapes. The previous logo was flat and looked too mechanically-rendered. The grungy, tattered edge treatment of the new logo matches the

visual identity of Radical Revamps; all its products are also textural.


This texture was carried into all aspects of branding in order to maintain unity and add visual interest.


Radical Revamps has many products, but little photography to show for it. To remedy this, lots of lifestyle photography was developed for assets and social media. The objective

with the photography is to speak to the target audience. They will see themselves within the characters that are portrayed in the photography; interesting, bright, warm,

androgynous, adventurous, and creative.

To further develop the branding, these photos were printed and turned into collages.


The primary asset is the Patchwork Collage. It is composed of clipping masks that follow the pattern of an actual Radical Revamps drawstring bag. Within each clipping mask is part of a collage, the brand colours, a duotone, or photo. Several clipping masks were then exported individually and used as additional assets.


The found objects that are fused in the collages speak to how Radical Revamps repurposes the old and transforms them into a reimagined item. When presented the final deliverables, the client was elated and could not wait to implement the new branding in their online store, through their social media, and in their print materials.  

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Radical Revamps
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