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The Bachelor of Design graduating class hosts an annual brand identity competition for their year-end showcase. This year’s design brief focused on growth, expansion, non-linearity, and peaks and valleys. Baseline branding incorporated these ideas into every aspect of the design; the use of topographic maps and math references allude to peaks and valleys and exponential growth. The integration of dynamic collages embodies the success, excitement, and creativity of the graduating class.

Project Team


  • Friends and family of the graduates 

  • Potential employers / clients / small businesses 

  • Faculty and Alumni 

  • Prospective students 

  • Classmates in other years / students from other programs 

  • Art and design enthusiasts 


Project Objectives ​

  • Research marketing design solutions based on the theme of the exhibition

  • Develop press-ready files designed to attract audiences to attend the event


Personal Goals

  • Revisit traditional techniques combined with digital mediums to create original pieces that not only serve to advertise, but also have artistic merit


Tools & Software 

  • Traditional Media

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator 

  • After Effects 



  • Graphic toolbox

    • Logo

    • Colour palette

    • Typefaces

    • Imagery 

  • Digital promotional assets (including static and motion graphic posts)

    • Instagram

    • Facebook 

    • Website banner

  • Posters 

  • Photography/illustrations to represent each graduate 


Research and historic inspiration 

Raoul Hausmann of the Dada movement served as an inspiration for this project. Hausmann’s revolutionary photomontage pieces ultimately questioned capitalism and conformity. Similar principles can be applied to Baseline, since the Bachelor of Design program encourages students to raise questions and challenge current structures. Photomontage was therefore an appropriate medium through which to celebrate the Class of 2023. Hausmann perpetually sought new ways to create; this interpretation of Baseline also emphasizes creativity through the process itself in order to achieve a unique end-product. 


Designers from the International Typographic Style movement served as inspiration. This is fitting since typography was a primary focus in Swiss Design and the word Baseline refers to an aspect of typography. Josef Muller-Brockmann and Wolfgang Weingart are particularly inspirational for their use of mathematically-derived structures to guide designs, innovative layouts, and the use of typography as a focal point. 


Brainstorming and development

The very word representing the grad show was dissected as a starting point for this interpretation. “Base” in mathematics refers to one component of an exponential equation. Colloquially, the Class of 2023’s growth throughout the Bachelor of Design program can be said to be exponential. Exponential growth is indeed “nonlinear” (as per their rationale). The square in the top right corner of the logomark situated within the larger square symbolizes a base and its exponent. Exponential growth is often modeled on a cartesian plane, and the logomark represents this by having an x and y-axis. A grid is also layered over the collages for the print collateral, adding to the math references present in this interpretation of Baseline. The “progression of skills” is depicted as building blocks; these building blocks are shown in the first segment of the Instagram motion graphic where blocks gradually multiply to form the logomark. 


The typeface Mundial was chosen for its high legibility, simplicity, and a wide array of font options. The latter makes it well-suited to establish an effective typographic hierarchy. A sans-serif was chosen to stay true to Swiss Design inspiration, and because the goal was to make the Baseline campaign feel modern and fresh. The flipped “i” in the wordmark creates an exclamation point, conveying excitement and energy. 


Collages were chosen as the primary medium due to the client’s desire for experimentation with texture, colour, and lines. The collages consist of fragments from math and statistics textbooks as another subtle reference to exponential growth. 3 topographic map designs were created digitally to symbolize “peaks and valleys”. Collages were then edited into these designs using clipping masks, resulting in dynamic compositions. The pieces are imbued with feelings of controlled chaos, symbolic of the creative process through artworks composed of traditional and digital media. The print collateral checks the boxes of being budget-friendly and eye-catching; the posters do not require expensive finishes, die-cuts, or embossing, yet they still manage to stand out through the texture, dynamism, pops of colour, and complexity within the collages. 


The colour palette was derived from prominent colours in the collages. As per the request of the client, there are numerous light colours and no neons. They vary in contrast, so that the colours may be used side-by-side and in multiple contexts (i.e text on a background) while maintaining legibility for AODA compliance.


The Baseline campaign was a successful and winning collaborative project with talented designer Justin Pinheiro; our branding was chosen to advertise Conestoga College’s 2023 Bachelor of Design graduate showcase. Keywords from the graduating class’ design brief included growth, a progression of skills, expansion, nonlinear, and peaks and valleys. Their aesthetic wishes consisted of “light-mode” and experimentation with textures and lines. These values and central ideas guided the design decisions for every aspect of Baseline branding. Peaks and valleys are represented within the topographic map patterns. The pieces are imbued with feelings of controlled chaos, symbolic of the creative process through artworks composed of traditional and digital media. Non-linear growth is alluded to by incorporating mathematical references, such as the use of grids, and using pages from statistics textbooks to form the collages. Thorough visual research and brainstorming were conducted to generate symbolic compositions fit to appeal to the graduates. This interpretation of Baseline effectively embodies the success, excitement, and creativity of the graduating class.

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Process Book copy.jpg
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