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The Baseline campaign was a successful and winning collaborative project with talented designer Justin Pinheiro; our branding was chosen to advertise Conestoga College’s 2023 Bachelor of Design graduate showcase. Keywords from the graduating class’ design brief included growth, a progression of skills, expansion, nonlinear, and peaks and valleys. Their aesthetic wishes consisted of “light-mode” and experimentation with textures and lines. These values and central ideas guided the design decisions for every aspect of Baseline branding. Peaks and valleys are represented within the topographic map patterns. The pieces are imbued with feelings of controlled chaos, symbolic of the creative process through artworks composed of traditional and digital media. Non-linear growth is alluded to by incorporating mathematical references, such as the use of grids, and using pages from statistics textbooks to form the collages. Thorough visual research and brainstorming were conducted to generate symbolic compositions fit to appeal to the graduates. This interpretation of Baseline effectively embodies the success, excitement, and creativity of the graduating class.

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