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Dos-à-dos typography book.

The project brief for this typography book required that the designer typeset two essays on typography; one was Beatrice Warde’s “Printing Should Be Invisible”, and the other had to contradict her thesis. The designers were challenged to physically combine the two texts creatively. 


“Printing Should be Invisible” is about how typographic conventions of the time must be followed in order to maintain legibility and clarity. Matthew Butterick’s essays were selected from his book, “Practical Typography 2nd Edition”, and contradict Beatrice Warde’s thesis because they embrace modern typographic standards, such as the use of grid systems. He explains how Beatrice Warde’s “crystal goblet” analogy is faulty. Both sections of the book were typeset according to the author’s ideals, as outlined in their essays. 


I chose the unique dos-à-dos format to combine both books so that they juxtapose one another and are easily distinguishable. The handmade cotton paper is from a small local business. 


This book is intended for those interested in typography and who appreciate handmade content because the cover, interior paper, and binding are all constructed by hand. This work is important as a designer and to readers because it proves there are multiple ways to go about typesetting; the rules are not set in stone.

crystal goblet.png
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